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"The children are always ours, every single one of them, all over the globe; and I am beginning to suspect that whoever is incapable of recognizing this may be incapable of morality"-- James Baldwin

(La Jolla, CA)—In honor of World Children's Day on November 20th, San Diego healthcare workers with the Healthcare Workers for Palestine group will be hosting an all-day interactive altar on the UCSD campus to draw attention to the dire situation impacting children in Gaza. Please join us in a

gathering of healthcare workers and trainees honoring the lives of those lost in the ongoing conflict in Palestine. We will be in attendance from 8am-5pm on the UCSD campus at the T. Denny Sanford MET Building.

World Children's Day marks the anniversary of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Children which defines children's rights to protection, education, healthcare, shelter and nutrition. Every single one of these rights have been denied to children in Palestine, over the past 75 years and most acutely in the past month and a half since Israel severely escalated its bombardment and siege of Gaza. Today, we uplift the words of James Baldwin, "the children are always ours, every single one of them, all over the globe."

Since October 9th, Israeli attacks on Gaza have taken a disproportionate toll on children and the healthcare workers who care for them. As of this writing, over 4,600 Palestinian children have been killed in Gaza, with thousands under the rubble and tens of thousands injured. Over 200 healthcare workers have been killed– some while performing their healing duties–as hospitals have been targeted under the unsubstantiated claim that militants headquarters are hidden under hospitals. Human Rights Watch reported on November 16th that the evidence provided by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to support these claims are insufficient. Doctors have echoed that these claims to justify attacks on hospitals are outlandish and unfounded, yet horrifically lethal.

Over the past two days, healthcare workers in the US and across the globe have witnessed premature babies in the NICU at one of Gaza City's main hospitals, Al-Shifa hospital, die due to fuel shortages caused by Israel's complete siege and attack. Our medical colleagues are struggling to keep patients alive without the necessary food, medicine, electricity and water needed to deliver healthcare. The blatant attack on healthcare workers and facilities are war crimes under article 19 of the Geneva Convention and rule 25 of International Humanitarian Law.

We invite all healthcare workers around the world to participate in a global day of action on November 20th, World Children's Day to affirm our duties to care for and protect all children, especially Palestinian children in this moment when they clearly need us the most.

As healthcare workers and people of conscience, it would cause us moral injury if we did not speak out to demand: an immediate ceasefire, the resumption of complete humanitarian aid and medical supplies, and the immediate end to attacking children, their families, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare workers in Gaza. We call on healthcare workers to organize to stop their institutions and our governments from funding apartheid in Palestine and supporting the Israeli military. We commit to supporting our fellow healthcare providers in Palestine, as they rebuild their healthcare infrastructure that has been damaged by Israel.

We share this toolkit to inform and inspire healthcare workers to participate and self-organize actions on 11/20 and beyond.

Thank you,

HCW for Palestine San Diego Team

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